The Ultimate Photographer’s Gift Guide 2023

Looking to buy a gift for a special photographer in your life? Before you go down another Google rabbit hole of gear guides and lighting reviews, stop! As a photographer’s business coach and former photographer, I can tell you that most of us don’t want non-photographers buying our equipment. We want to save that fun for ourselves!

Instead, consider these 18 gifts for photographers that range from practical to adventurous. There’s something for everyone! (PS You may even end up finding some awesome ideas for those special people on YOUR shopping list!!)

gifts for photographers 2023


MĀEDN Saddle All Day Backpack

I’ll admit, I love a great bag. Most photographers do, with our endless search for the perfect gear bag. This Māedn saddle backpack may not be the perfect gear bag, but it’s perfect for every other occasion. Take this bag to work, to run errands, or for a night out. They’re known for designing both beautiful AND functional accessories. Did I mention it has a ton of inner pockets to help you organize your life? It has pockets!

Bombas Socks, Ultimate Gift Guide for Photographers 2023

Bombas Socks – The Best Sock in the Universe

It doesn’t matter what type of photographer you’re shopping for (or spouse, friend, or family member) – we ALL spend way too much time on our feet. Bombas socks are perfect for everyday wear or in-the field. They’re known for having incredible arch support, which is crucial for long hours behind the lens. I wear them every day and have never had them ride down or pull too high. 

Confession time? I love Bomba socks so much that I just bought 12 more pairs a couple of weeks ago! These are the best socks I’ve owned in my entire life, and I’m throwing all my other socks away! I cannot recommend them enough. 

The best part? On top of the 25% off you get on your first order — For every sock you purchase they donate a pair of socks to someone in need. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Toe Warmers 

Ok, ok…this is the last foot gift recommendation. I promise! Toe warmers are the perfect gift to help new photographers build their gear bags. Just ask anyone who’s photographed a 10-hour wedding day in winter and they’ll tell you. Toe warmers are a lifesaver. These toe warmers are comfortable and can keep your feet warm for up to 5 hours. Your photographer friend will love it.

Classic Retro Round Sunglasses 

Every photographer knows you never take your favorite sunglasses onto a shoot! That’s basically rule #1 of going in the field. These sunglasses are my go-to pair for risky occasions. They are cute, they are cheap, and they are totally awesome. For less than $20, you can throw them in your gear bag or in your glove box when you need them most. 

Running Belt 

If you’re not a photographer, let me let you in on a little secret. Every professional photographer needs a running belt. Since our hands are busy juggling cameras and equipment all day, we need a secure way to carry important belongings like our phones, cards, and backup batteries! A running belt is perfect for that! Plus, it’s a gift your photographer can use while traveling or simply running everyday errands.

Helpful Tools for Your Camera Bag

Packing Cubes 

Packing Cubes are the perfect gift for photographers that travel a lot! I use these EVERY SINGLE TIME I travel, whether I’m going solo or with my family of six. These packing cubes are a huge time saver while packing and they let you fit everything into your suitcase, time. Each of my family members has a different color, so it keeps us organized. Everything stays packed and neat upon arrival because I can move pods/cubes within our destination without having to unpack the entire suitcase. They are awesome and I highly recommend!

Reusable Magnetic Silicone Ties

Do not leave home without these reusable, magnetic silicone ties in your camera bag, camping trailer, or car! Magnetic ties are great at keeping your cords tight and organized. Get all black for a chic look or eliminate having to dig through your bag for the right cord by using their colorful ties to create a color system for each type of cord.

Box Cutter with Ceramic Blade 

You know the phrase “always be prepared”? I swear whoever came up with that was once a photographer. You never know what you’re going to come up against from one day to the next. I’ve always kept a box cutter in my camera bag in case I need to help open up packaging or snip a loose thread for clients. It may seem like a random gift, but it’s one that will come in handy for your photographer.

Office Gadgets

Ergonomic Laptop Stand 

When not out in the field, most photographers can be found glued to their laptops! GUILTY! I love this ergonomic laptop stand because it allows me to do work while sitting or standing. I stretch my legs and get all the benefits of a standing desk no matter where I am. (And let’s face it, I’m usually working from anywhere but my desk!) It’s great to slip into your carry-on bag for travel or in your office.

Retractable Multi-USB Charger

You don’t even need to be a photographer to appreciate this gift. Get it for any tech-lover on your list. This retractable multi-USB charger is perfect if you like to work at coffee shops or do a lot of travel. I love it because it means three of my family members can be charging their phones at the same time. This tool can charge up to three phones at once.

Adjustable Phone Stand

Ok, this one might make me sound a little lazy but I’m not ashamed in the slightest! I get a million notifications on my phone during the day. This adjustable phone stand props my phone up at the perfect angle to allow me to see new notifications without having to take my hands away from the keyboard. When my kids use it, the stand lets them watch their favorite videos hands-free. Plus, it’s designed to let you charge your phone while standing. What’s not to love?!

Self Care

Ceramic Diffuser

Need a little help recharging your energy? The VIVITEST Ceramic Diffuser is my favorite ceramic diffuser. It’s adorable, goes with all my home decorations, and makes my home smell delicious! I like to use it while I’m working or to unwind from a long day. Photography comes with a heavy physical and energy load. Some days it feels like go, go, go during the busy season. During those times, it’s easy to forget self-care as a photographer, and the VIVITEST diffuser helps fit it in where you can.

Laneige Lip Mask

I use this lip mask daily, and I love it. Here in Colorado, it’s dry most of the year. The Laneige Lip Mask is the only thing that has kept my lips from cracking consistently. Pop it in your purse, your camera bag, or your favorite photographer’s stocking this year!


Anker Noise Canceling Headphones

How many times have you had to pop on your headphones and crank out an editing session to make your deadline? I love noise-canceling headphones because it allows me to focus. These headphones have great noise-canceling abilities and they’re extremely affordable. Pick them up yourself or gift them to your photographers who need tunes while they work.

Apple AirPods 

Where my Anker headphones are great for focus while I’m working, nothing beats the versatility and microphone in your standard Apple AirPods. I do a lot of coaching sessions and these are my go-tos due to their high-quality microphone. My clients tell me they can hear me better than the built-in microphone on my computer, which makes both of us happy. They’re also great to have while you’re out shooting to help keep your hands free to work around golden hour.

Making Memories

Timeless Desk Calendar

I LOVE this desk calendar. It is the perfect size to sit on my desk but yet not overtake it! The paper is heavy, not flimsy, so it feels really durable. I get one every year and I can attest, they hold up to being knocked over, handled, and loved on by even the littlest of hands. Bonus! I can have photos of my kiddos at the ready without filling my (super tiny) desk with frames (which I just don’t have the space for). It’s awesome. It’s a definite must on my Christmas list every year!

A Little ALOHA!

One thing every photographer has in common (that I’ve met) is that we all LOVE to travel. You never have to ask if we’re up for a vacation. With the holidays approaching, your photographer is probably just winding down from another busy season. Instead of taking a week to unwind on the couch this year, why not invite your favorite photographer on a trip! A Little ALOHA! Will help you escape to beautiful Maui on a road to Hana tour, featuring majestic waterfalls, tropical rainforests, breathtaking ocean views, and more. Seriously, they will love this gift!

Vintage Polaroid Camera 

My husband bought this Vintage Polaroid Camera for me two Christmases ago, and it’s still one of my favorite gifts. We use our fifth wheel a lot during the summer and one of our traditions is we take a family Polaroid before we leave each destination. After 2 years of traveling, we now have a big photo album of vintage polaroids labeled with all of our travels and destinations. I know you have your mirrorless and DSLR ready to capture the best photos on vacation, but there’s something as raw and beautiful as a photographer to see your memories laid out in a polaroid album. It’s a different way to create memories that my family and I cherish.

Steal My Ideas for Last Minute Gifts for Photographers

Whether you’re searching for a gift for yourself, or your friend, or to say thank you to your photographer – it’s important to shop for gifts that go beyond the obvious. Each of these gifts was hand-picked because they fit a need or create more comfort for the human behind the lens. Let them worry about what gear to buy or equipment to upgrade. Buy your photographer gifts that let them know you’ve really paid attention to the details of their life and are looking to make it just a little better.

Want more business gift ideas? Check out my blog post on the 7 Best End-of-Year Investments for Photographers to get even more inspiration!

* Yes, the links to and photos are affiliate links. That means there’s no cost or upcharge to you, but if you purchase them I get a small percentage from the linked company.

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Through my best-selling courses, thriving 1:1 tailored coaching experience, professional done-for-you business services, and powerful business templates, I inspire and empower photographers to take control of their businesses and realize that “Wow, I can do this!”
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