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Paige Forden Photography, Luxury Motherhood photographer, Denver Colorado, beautiful girl, white dress, black hair, photographer business coaching for luxury photographers, business help and resources, free downloads, courses, email templates


"Kara's experience in the industry brings breadth
and depth to her coaching, and she’s generally a lovely person to work with!"

Read Paige's Full Experience

Taylor Rae Photography, Charleston wedding photographer, luxury wedding photography, business coaching for high end photographers, beautiful girl, blonde curly hair, red shirt, light and airy, luxury photography, business help and coaching,


"Not only have Kara's systems helped take a lot off my plate, it's given my clients a more luxury experience at the same time! I highly recommend Kara's templates and her services if you're looking to streamline your business and give your clients a more hands-on, luxury experience."

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Rachel Elle Photography, Business Coaching for luxury wedding photographers, business help, photographer business resources, free downloads, beautiful pregnant photographer in black dress with tan hat, wide brim hat, light and airy


"Kara helped me organize my business in multiple
ways and work in smarter ways as well. If you're in the photography business you need to hire her!!"

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option one: Tailored monthly coaching

Are you ready for a custom, one-on-one, long-term relationship that will take your photography business to the next level?

If you want to streamline, scale, automate, and continue to build an impactful and profitable business AND you don't want to do it alone.

Tailored monthly coaching is the key. Set up a complimentary call today to get started.


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Tografy, business coaching for photographers, Pricing Audits, Client Experience Builds, Website Audits, Portfolio Audits, Lead magnet creation, Honeybook setup and workflow implementation, Flodesk setup, Email marketing campaign design, ShowIt website

option two: hands-on assignment

Recently completed client projects include:

Pricing Audits, Client Experience Builds, Website Audits, Portfolio Audits, Lead magnet creation, Honeybook setup and workflow implementation, Flodesk setup, Email marketing campaign design, ShowIt website build

The perfect option if you have a project that needs some loving attention.

Set-up a complimentary call to get started.


option three: work with a team member

Legal - Blogging - Copywriting - Social Media Marketing - Shooting and Editing

An entire team is dedicated to show you how to unlock your unique strengths by legalizing your business, speaking from your heart, marketing to the masses, shooting and editing like a pro, and ultimately transforming your photography business.


Tografy, business help for photographers, Legal - Blogging - Copywriting - Social Media Marketing - Shooting and Editing, business resources, copywriting for photographers, copywriter, shooting help photographers, editing help photographers
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option four: take a business course

The Mini Like a Pro Course

Business Like a Pro: A La Carte - Customize Your Educational Experience


option five: photographer's business shop

Questionnaires, Email templates and workflows, Contracts, Organizers, Schedulers, Business Guides, Session and Style Guides and MORE!

Professionally built templates and materials to save you time and empower you to build a profitable photography business.

Tografy, the photographer's business shop, questionnaires, email templates, schedulers, organizers, business guides, photographer contracts, session guides, style guides, editable templates, free resources, downloads, photographer courses,

meet your biggest business cheerleader

hey, i'm kara

I understand photography businesses. For over a decade I have coached and been a resource for photographers new and old. Whether you're at the beginning of your journey trying to figure out your business's name or you're a tenured photographer who is ready to break into the luxury market and raise your prices. No matter your journey, I've seen and supported it all.

I understand education. There is a science to education and I'm passionate about the psychology of learning. Thus my psychology degree and Masters in Education. But there's also an art and human side to it. So when you work with me, don't be surprised when I sneak in an obscure pedagogical technique between an excess amount of exclamation points and smiley faces.

And I understand life is bigger than both. My husband, four kiddos, and I live on a small hobby farm in Colorado with our small army of chickens and kittens. We love swimming our summer days away, having glow-stick dance parties to 90's music, and parents vs. kiddos, whole-house raging, nerf gun wars. Visitors are always welcome, but don't expect fine linen and china. Instead you'll be graced with paper plates, friendship, and the best damn tacos east of the Rockies.

So come on in. I will welcome you. I will treat you as my one and only. And we'll learn from each other.

Kara Hubbard, Tografy, free business resources for photographers, photographer business help, courses, templates, questionnaires, website help, blogging, marketing for photographers, Colorado, Masters in Education,

a business approach that is different than all the rest:

tografy's photographer stats

39 coaching clients

served in 2021

600+ email templates

downloaded since 2020

100+ custom blogs

written in 2021

500+ Free resources


800+ hours

supporting photographers on the phone

45 photographers invested

in courses since June 2021

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