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tografy's photographer stats

37 coaching clients

served in 2021

550+ email templates

downloaded since 2020

100+ custom blogs

written in 2021

500+ Free resources


700+ hours

supporting photographers on the phone

31 photographers invested

in courses since June 2021

Photographers, do you struggle with...

Pricing yourself in a competitive market?

The frustration that your brand isn't living up to your work?

Adding value to your collections and clients?

Understanding why clients aren't knocking down your door?

The everyday to-do lists that come with running a small business?

Figuring out how to get your business to where you know it could be?

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Complimentary strategy calls for photographers

-> Have a project you'd like to discuss?

-> Have a question about your business?

-> Struggling with marketing, pricing, client acquisition, etc.?

-> Just need someone that knows the industry to listen to your frustrations?

schedule a call here (tip...availability is limited)

clients spend between $500-$6,000 to complete their custom projects

The best way to get an accurate price for your project is to schedule a complimentary consultation.

I have been supporting professional photographers in their business growth and development for 10 years, I would love to support you.

see what only 3 of my 30+ beautiful clients have to say about working with tografy...

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not ready to invest in one-on-one coaching? That's okay!!!

A great place to start is by exploring the email templates in the shop.

Give your clients the best experience possible with.....

-> 50-100 pre-written emails ready to copy and paste to your client!

-> Editable! An email doesn't sound like you? No worries! You can change anything you like!

-> Complete client experiences detailing every step, reminder, and email all put together for YOU!

-> Never EVER forget to send any information to your client again! These email sequences are jam packed with so much content, information, and steps --- all giving your client the white glove experience they deserve from you!

Click to upgrade your email templates

need an attorney drafted contract?


-> All custom drafted JUST FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS.

-> EVERY Contract bundle comes with the Niched Contract, Model Release, Minor Model Release, and Print Release

explore contract bundles starting at $250
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the mini session course

This course is ALWAYS available! Unlike other coaches I believe that photographer education should be easily accessible at all times.

If you're really ready to rock it at mini sessions you need to understand and master THREE things....

-> #1. PRICING: How to price your session so you don't have to perform an upsell to make a profit!

-> #2. MARKETING: How to roll out your sessions so you sell out before you even go live to the public!

-> #3. LOCATION WORKFLOW: Why your location scouting and location setup 100% plays into the success of your mini session!

Struggling with any or all of the above? --> The Mini Like a Pro Course is for YOU!

Click here to upgrade your mini session game

this is not your average photographer's coaching experience

If you want a system that worked for one photographer and was over-marketed to thousands, you've come to the wrong place!!

This is an experience. A journey where myself and my team work alongside you to help you grow and develop your business - getting you to the goals that you've been dreaming of FOR YEARS! I am excited to be on this journey with you, and if nothing else -- give me a follow on INSTAGRAM to keep up to date with helpful business tips!!!

Kara Hubbard is a business coach for photographers out of Boulder, Colorado. She helps photographers all over the world complete custom projects, one-on-one coaching, and with a variety of resources in the Tografy shop. Each product is custom designed for photographers and includes contracts, email templates, session and style guides, blogs, business templates, questionnaires, and so much more!

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