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Photography Coaching, Client Management Workflows, Education & Small Business Advice for Photographers by Kara Hubbard.

Hey there! I'm Kara... I've been managing photography businesses for the last 10 years.  I am a professional photographer turned photography coach, so I have lots of experience on both sides of the business. 

I've worked with everyone from budding "momtographers" wanting to go full-time to wedding photographers making six-figures who want to automate and restructure the "back-side" of their business.  I bring a unique skillset of not only knowing my own business, but every photographer I have ever worked for.

This experience will NOT be a plug and play system from my own experience into yours. Your business, niche, and location are unique unto you - which means your business plans and practice have to be built as such.

Investing in your education and business are key in helping you gain more time, make more money, and help you reach your professional goals. 

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"After hiring Kara, my business saw a 650% growth in the FIRST YEAR! She brings the unique combination of being a photographer AND business manager, and completely understands the industry."

-Felicia W.

Photographers, do you struggle with...

Pricing yourself in a competitive market?

The frustration that your brand isn't living up to your work?

Adding value to your collections and clients?

Understanding why clients aren't knocking down your door?

The everyday to-do lists that come with running a small business?

Figuring out how to get your business to where you know it could be?

Clients generally spend between $500 and $5500 on services with tografy


Photography Client Workflows and Business Education

Want the upper hand? Competing in the field of photography can be frustrating.  Give your clients an A+ experience on and off the field and it will ensure they will keep coming back to YOU!

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would you rather...

Sit in front of your desk managing clients all day.....OR.....be out in the field on a shoot?

You didn't get into photography because you loved composing emails and keeping track of clients. 

You did this for the love of the craft.

solutions found here
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you can have your cake & eat it too

YOUR life will be better with less business management.

Your CLIENTS lives will be better with professional workflows!

Winner winner, chicken dinner! (amiright!?)

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