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Tired of spending more time emailing clients than being behind the lens? Using email templates helps you break free from your inbox, so you can focus on growing your photography business. 

Most Photographers save over 300+ hrs. every year with email templates & automation

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Introducing Our Photographer
Email Template Collections

A comprehensive set of professionally written email templates designed to streamline your client communications, increase bookingsand boost your bottom line.

Photography Mini Session Email Template Workflow

Wedding Photographer
Email Templates

Our wedding photography email workflow includes 46 customizable emails for wedding photographers.  Including text scripts, send schedule, social media promotion schedule, and review requests! Click below to see all the emails and scripts included in this workflow.


Engagement Photography Email Template and Workflow

Snag this complete client communication workflow and email templates for engagement photographers! Every download includes a guidelines to turn these emails into a seamless client experience. Simply add your branding and paste the emails into your CRM.


Newborn Photographer Email Templates and Workflow

Ready for a 5-star client experience? Use our newborn photography email template and workflow to automate all your client communications, pre-session reminders, gallery delivery, and sales emails. It’s your all-in-one workflow for success.


Portrait Photography Email Templates and Workflow

Headshots should not give you headaches! Ditch doing it all on the fly and grab my 42-email workflow. Complete with pre-booking workflow, pre-session reminders, scheduling, and review requests.


Photography Mini Session Email Template Workflow

Level up your client experience, stay organized, and book out your mini-sessions! The Mini Session Email Workflow is the exact 26-email client experience I teach in my course.  See what my students have to say!


Or Bundle and Save!

Fully Customizable Email Templates

The 187-email template bundle has all the resources and tools you need to manage booking, communication, and sales! From email templates to text scripts, client workflows to when to post teasers on social media. You’ll get the exact templates I’ve spent 10 years perfecting for my clients. Includes workflows for wedding clients, engagement clients, mini-sessions, portrait clients, and newborn clients. Download all five products and save over $150!


Automation and workflows for photographers

After Using These You’ll be Able to:

✔️  Boost client bookings and response rates, with the marketing & inquiry email sequences.

✔️  Automate every step of your client experience, saving you hours on client management.

✔️  Increase your profit with bookings, sales, and re-bookings, a follow-up, sale, and touch point will never be forgotten again!

✔️  Save money and time. This workflow will pay for itself within one session!

The email templates are designed in a Word Doc to make them easy to personalize. Add your signature, logo, photos, or GIFs. Then, simply copy + paste into your CRM. You can have your entire pre-booking, pre-session, and sales workflows WITHOUT having to write them yourself!

We’ve spent the last ___ years testing the perfect workflows for pre-booking, client experience, sales, and even re-booking photography clients. These workflows follow the exact formula we use with our private clients to drive bookings and print sales.

You’re too busy to stop what you’re doing to respond to every inquiry or remember to send reminders to clients. Using our templates can save you up to 300 hours a year, improve your response rate, and give your clients the touch points they need on autopilot.

Most photography templates come with a pack of pre-written emails and no guidance on how to turn those emails into your client experience. Our templates include all the cues you need to know when and how to send every touchpoint from inquiry to 1-year anniversary.

We’ve all heard horror stories about clients being ghosted. That’s not how you operate! Stand out from your peers by having a fast response time and helpful touch points to make your clients feel prepared when they step in front of your camera.

How great would it be to pre-sell prints and collections before you even deliver the gallery? Our templates have built-in pre-sale emails, gallery delivery emails, and anniversary emails designed to spark more sales and upsells.

Tografy's Email Templates are the perfect solution

For photographers who want to streamline their workflow and save time

With our fully customizable email templates and step-by-step workflow, you can focus on what matters most – capturing stunning images and serving your clients.

Client Love


Taylor Rae Photography, Business Coach for Photographers Testimonial, Tografy Coaching Client, Blonde Girl with Wine Shirt,

These email templates will revolutionize the way you do emails!"

“Amazing. These email templates will revolutionize the way you do emails! I can’t imagine how much time Kara put into carefully crafting each of the emails in the workflows.

It was so simple for me to go in and make little tweaks to fit my business. It saved me so much time having the emails already drafted, and I know it will save me so much time with each client!

It will also give each of my portrait clients and wedding couples the luxury experience they deserve, because each email is so intentional and full of the information they need, before they even know to ask for it!

I would highly recommend these email templates to anyone who is looking to provide their clients with an amazing experience, and to anyone who is looking to manage their time wisely!”

taylor photography

Cheyenne Alford, Bywater Collective

"After implementing Kara's wedding and engagement email templates, they have absolutely, without a doubt, alleviated all feelings of overwhelm."

“I joined my (amazing) CRM when it was still in Beta. As the features rolled out I would get SO excited and dream of the ways the new bells and whistles were going to help me get my life back. I was soon feeling overwhelmed by the features that were meant to take that feeling away. Templates. Guides. Scheduling. Email automation. Invoicing. Pipelines. CLIENT WORKFLOWS. It became too much and I was paying hundred of dollars a year to use only the most basic features of my CRM – and still feeling overwhelmed. 


Enter: Kara with Tografy. I got my CRM 3 years ago (almost to the day), and I can honestly say that it was not until 4 months ago that I felt like it was working for me and not the other way around. Immediately when I signed on with Kara, and implemented her wedding and engagement email templates, they have absolutely, without a doubt, alleviated all feelings of overwhelm. I can see where any wedding client is in our workflow at any time (this is crucial when you are interacting with clients for sometimes years at a time before ever taking out your camera), I have automated triggers that send out templated emails right on time, and all of the copy is true to me and my brand. “

cheyenne alford

Popular Questions About Email Templates


Question one

What are photographer email templates?

Photographer email templates are pre-written, customizable emails that photographers can use to communicate with clients and potential clients. 

These templates can include emails for inquiries, booking confirmations, session reminders, thank-you messages, and more. 

The templates are designed to save photographers time and effort by eliminating the need to write individual emails from scratch each time they need to communicate with clients. 

save time

Question two

Why should photographers use email templates?

They can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

Rather than spending hours crafting the perfect message, you can simply select a pre-written template and customize it as needed.

This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as marketing, shooting, and editing.


Question three

Who should use photographer email templates?

Anyone who wants to streamline their workflow and save time! Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, our templates and workflow can benefit you.

They are especially useful for photographers who work with multiple clients at once and need to juggle a variety of tasks.

By using Tografy’s Email Templates

You will cut your management time by over 50%.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

According to a recent survey, photographers spend an average of 1-2 hours per day writing and sending emails.

By using our email templates and client management workflow, you can cut that time in half, or even more.

This means you can spend more time doing what you love and less time in front of your computer. Win! Win!


But what if you have specific needs or preferences for your email template or workflow?


Our templates and workflow are fully customizable, so you can make them your own.

We also provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that you are getting the most out of each template.

Real Client Testimonials


Meredith M. Photography, Testimonial for Photographer Email Templates

"I went from booking 1 or 2 minis, to selling out using Kara's email templates!"

“Providing mini sessions for my client base and future clients with Kara’s email templates was a big success for me this past year. I went from booking 1 or 2 minis, to selling out with her Mini Session Email Template/Workflow system.”

meredith m.

Morgan W. Headshot, Testimonial for Photographer Email Templates

"I'm now in a spot where I'm booking very consistently and absolutely charging my worth!"

“With Kara’s help and her incredible email templates, I was able to bring clarity to my offerings (for both myself and potential clients), feel confident and justified in my pricing, make my client inquiry workflow and post booking experience more robust to support my higher price point, and make impactful changes to my website to attract the right clientele.

I’m now in a spot where I’m booking very consistently and absolutely charging my worth, and I have Kara to thank for walking me through these changes and guiding me to this successful place!”

morgan w.

More Happy Photographer Testimonials

“Amazing! Plug them in to Honeybook and immediately begin sending emailsKara thinks of everything, and each one is worded so perfectly. Of course, feel free to change it up, but she’s already done a pretty solid job. Highly recommend!”

- Becca

“These templates have been SUCH a time-saver for my business! They completely revolutionized the way I engaged with my couples or families before their portrait session. Now I can be assured that every client is getting the same quality experience, that I have emails checking in with them before and after their session, and that no communication falls through the cracks.”

- tay

“Take the guesswork out and sound like a pro. These are well
thought out and cover ALL the bases!
Get back to taking photos and leave the backend stuff up to Kara!”

- felicia

“I didn’t know my workflow was slacking until purchasing this! This was a huge eye opener on how much communication was necessary at all different stages in booking a wedding. Once I was able to get this set up in Honeybook, I have saved SO MUCH TIME! It has cut my emailing back and forth time in half giving me more time to work on images. This is a great tool that has paid itself back, so worth it!”

- codee

“I purchased these these email templates to help me take my workflows to the next level. After reviewing them, and adding just a touch of my own personal “voice” to them, for the first time I felt like my automations were working for me, instead of my feeling unprepared and making estimated guesses every time an inquiry came in. Almost two years later, I am still grateful for the tremendous help that these templates have been for my business.”


“I just had my first round of mini sessions and everyone looooved the family style guide! And the mini session workflow has been great. I felt so much more organized and like no one could have an excuse for being late this year after I sent so many emails!!”

- taylor rae

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