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Photographers | How to Generate Income Holiday Edition

present, pinecone, wrapped present, how to generate income during the holidays

tis' the season

Kara Hubbard

Like it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. Even though the holidays may look a little different for everyone this year (thanks, 2020), tis’ the season for off-season photography income opportunity. This is a great time to take advantage of the holiday spirit! Here are a few more ways to generate income during your slow season, holiday edition:

Run a holiday themed mini session

I LOVE mini-sessions. They are inexpensive for your clients, and time-saving for you! You can pack an entire day or weekend with back to back 20-minute mini-sessions and make a huge profit. For more on mini-sessions, check out my blog article “How to run a successful mini-session - and make $800-1000 an hour doing it!” For holiday minis, set up an outdoor space (weather permitting), or rent a space indoors, and use holiday themed décor (Pinterest). Snap a photo of your setup, and use it to market to your clients. You get a full schedule, and your clients will get some amazing holiday-card-worthy family photos! 

christmas mini, christmas tree, presents, how to generate income during the holidays

Hold a giveaway  

bow, wrapped present, how to generate income during the holidays

Already have a day of holiday mini-sessions planned? Hold a giveaway on social media and give away a free time slot. I know. Giving away your time for free seems counterproductive, BUT sometimes it works in your favor. Have your followers head to your website and provide their email to enter the contest (also, encourage them to invite their friends 😉). They get a chance at free family photos, and BONUS, you get to build your email list. Happy Christmas to all! 

Run sales on prints for past clients  

If you have a print store, the holidays are a great time to run a sale for your past clients, especially if they got married this year. Let’s be honest, sometimes it takes FOREVER to actually print your wedding photos and display them in your home, but what better time to do so than when family will be visiting for the holidays? Send a well written email to your past clients and take advantage of the holiday season to promote a sale on prints. Prints can make great holiday gifts as well! 

presents, pine, wrapping, christmas, how to generate income during the holidays

Run a sale on gift cards

stocking, stocking stuffer, how to generate income during the holidays

Professional photography is a gift that keeps on giving! Gift cards are another great way to promote your business during the holidays, and make sure you have a full schedule next season. Even if clients want to wait until the weather is better, gift cards mean money in your pocket now, and a guaranteed client later. It’s a win win! Send an email, or promote your gift cards on social media. Ask your clients if they’re struggling with gift ideas (who isn’t), and let them know that a family photography session is practical, and the results can be enjoyed for years to come.

For some, the holidays are a super busy time, but they’re also a time for love and family, so take advantage of that warm and fuzzy holiday spirit and promote your photography business! Your off-season can be a great opportunity to generate some serious income. 


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