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How to Generate Income During Your Slow Season Part 1

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Slow Season is coming... but don't panic!

Kara Hubbard

Wedding season may be over, but unfortunately, bills are forever. As much as we would LOVE to continue to be busy and booked year-round, for many photographers that’s just not the reality. Slow season is coming. But don’t panic! There are still PLENTY of things you can do to generate income during the winter months. Here are just a few of my favorite off-season photographer money makers: 


Headshots for local businesses

This idea has so much potential, especially if there are a lot of small businesses in your community. Pull up the websites of places you go regularly, for example, your dentist, gym, chiropractor, doctor’s office, favorite restaurant, or retail store. Could the images use a little upgrade? Many offices, especially medical offices, want to showcase their staff. Reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in hiring a local photographer to upgrade their images. Charge them a fair price, and ask if you can leave them a card or two so they can recommend you to other businesses or even their clients!  

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Stock Photography 

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Let’s face it. If businesses want to survive, they need a quality online presence. Because of this, professional stock photos are always in demand!  Although it takes some time to build up a portfolio, once you have the images, there is little maintenance on your part. As long as you can produce high-quality photos, they will likely be accepted by most platforms. Some of the most popular stock photography platforms to sell your images on are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, and iStock Photo by Getty Images. And yes, you can upload the same image to multiple platforms! 

Teach a photography class 

Parents, especially first-time parents, LOVE capturing photos of their growing babies. If you’re comfortable with teaching, consider leading a small group photography class for local moms, or for those who want to get started in photography. Teach them the basics. 

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The only cost to you with this option would be renting a space to teach your class. Use social media to promote your class, and have your participants bring their own equipment or let them practice on yours. Photography education could be a great way to generate extra income AND increase your client base! 

Real Estate Photography 

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When it comes to buying a house, good images are everything! For many home-buyers, online images are the first thing they see when they’re browsing sites like Zillow. Do a little research, create a package, and offer your photography services to local real estate agents. Solve a problem for them. They want to sell a house, and your high-quality photos (and amazing skills) will help them get that sale faster. Facebook groups are always great for networking, and simply spreading the word to friends and family that you’re looking to work in real estate is helpful too! 

Build your blog

Last, but certainly not least, you can use off-season down time to build up your photography blog. I know, writing is not for everyone. But blogs are a powerful tool! They are a great way to showcase your photography and catch the attention of potential clients. Hate blogging but know you need to do it? Let’s chat 😉

laptop, coffee, blogging, blog, photography blog, how to generate income during your slow season

Slow season can cause anxiety for many photographers. But there’s no need to sell your camera equipment just yet! Give one (or all) of these options a chance during this off season. You may be surprised and find a new niche to expand your business into! Stay tuned for “How to Generate Income During Your Slow Season” holiday edition!


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