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How to Book More Photography Clients: Convert Inquiries into Clients

How to book more photography clients

How to Convert Inquiries into Clients

Kara Hubbard

Okay, let’s set the scene. You’ve done the behind-the-scenes legwork. You’ve been marketing your photography business, posting to social media, setting up your business’s website, and streamlining your process. Inquiries are beginning to flow in, yay! Now what? How do you take those inquiries and turn them into paying photography clients? After all, every photographer’s goal is to book more clients and have a comfortably full schedule. Here are a few tips on how to convert those inquiries to paying photography clients: 

Follow up with them

How to book more photography clients

This is probably the easiest action you can take to increase the chances of booking more photography clients. If you have an automated email that goes out after an inquiry, great. BUT it would also be beneficial to follow up personally via email, that way, your potential client feels heard and taken care of. As you know, I’m a huge fan of automation, but a personal touch never hurts. 

Offer a “quick booking” bonus

After meeting with your client, or speaking to them on the phone, if they’re hesitant due to the price, or they plan on shopping around, offer them a bonus if they book with you by a certain deadline. The bonus could be a discounted rate, or an add-on, such as added session time or an extra outfit change. Make sure you’re clear that this offer only exists if they book with you within your predetermined deadline, and stick to it. "Act now before it's too late" marketing tends to work really well if there is a hard deadline that clients have to meet.

Be personable and friendly

Obviously, it’s important to be friendly to your clients throughout their time with you. Being nice is customer service 101. But, when you’re in the beginning stages, pay extra attention to what they’re saying. What are they worried about? What are their frustrations, fears, wants, and needs? Address all of their concerns and let them know that you're paying attention and that you hear them. 


How to book more photography clients

Speak directly to them

Speaking directly to your client, whether it’s during a face-to-face meeting or through your marketing content, is always a good idea. It’s been proven time and time again that when clients are spoken to conversationally and directly, and when they feel that their problems have been heard and addressed, they are more willing to purchase your service. Consider your potential client’s most common problem, become an expert on that problem, and offer a helpful solution. 

The last farewell

How to book more photography clients

If you’ve tried everything and a person just isn’t getting back to you, that’s okay. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. In your very last email, whether it’s an automated email or a personal one, make it clear that this is goodbye. Basically, it should be friendly break-up email. You know how it goes, you gave it your best shot, but clearly it just isn’t going to work out. The email should state that you’ve provided all of the information you can at this point, and this will be the last email they receive from you. Always be kind, wish them well, and remind them that you’re here if they have any questions or decide to move forward. 

Receiving a steady flow of inquiries is always exciting, but turning them into actual paying clients takes a little work! Want to chat more about your business process and how to book more clients? Schedule your free consultation with me today! 

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