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Who’s It For

  • Any photographer or creative who wishes to identify issues with formatting, copy, technical, and image selections on your website in order to improve and upgrade brand and client experience.

What’s Included

  • A comprehensive write-up including issues and recommendations, usually around 5-10 pages in length.


  • Custom website audit and writeup for photographers and creatives wanting to identify formatting, copy, image, and technical issues within their websites.

Services Customization

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2 reviews for Website Audit and Writeup

  1. Andrea Gonzales

    I had spent days on my new website at the beginning of this year and wanted to get a completely unbiased review of what I had done. I wasn’t in the position to have someone re-do my website (especially after I had already spent so much time on it) so Kara’s audit and writeup seemed like a great compromise. And it was! I received a 6+ page document going over each piece of my site. It included positive comments and compliments on what I had done, as well as some grammar and spelling corrections, formatting suggestions, suggestions regarding the overall organization of the site, etc. Kara also explained why she suggested those changes/why the way I did it wasn’t the best way (she never said it was “wrong,” or “bad.”) I was able to implement 90% of what she suggested. The other 10% were actions I generally agreed with but decided not to do for my own reasons. Many of the changes I made I never would have thought of on my own. Anyway, almost every potential client I talk to who comes through my website (and all of my photo editor friends) tell me how great my site is. I think it was good before the audit, but going through that process really took it to the next level. It was totally worth it.

  2. Morgan

    Kara’s review of my website was so helpful in cleaning things up and ensuring that my messaging was clear and concise! Sometimes we become so involved with our businesses that it’s difficult to see what we’re putting out there with a fresh set of eyes. Kara’s pointers were just what I needed to freshen things up and present my business in the best light!

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