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Who’s It For

  • These professionally written email templates and client management workflow for professional wedding photographers is for all who wish to level-up their client experience with consistent, high-level, white-glove, client-focused, touch points and communication.

What’s Included

  • 100% done-for-you 70-step client management workflow which includes 46 pre-written professional email templates
  • 70-Step editable client experience/management workflow for Wedding Photographers
  • Includes:
    • 46-Email templates
      • 11-Inquiry response marketing emails
      • 35-Post booked session/client experience emails (includes simple sales and testimonial request)
  • Social Media Scheduler


  • 70-Step editable client management workflow with included editable email templates for Wedding Photographers
  • A 100% done-for-you download and go – client experience for Wedding Photographers
  • 46-Email templates (editable)
  • Social media schedule

Save 600+ Hours a Year

Save $$$ with a Bundle

  • With the Wedding Photographer Business Bundle HERE!

After Using it You’ll be Able to

  • Boost client bookings and response rates, with the marketing & inquiry email sequences.
  • Automate every step of your client experience, saving you hours on client-management.
  • Increase your profit with bookings, sales, and re-bookings, a follow-up, sale, and touch point will never be forgotten again!
  • Save money and time. This workflow will pay for itself within one session!

Three Ways to Use it

  • Client Relationship Manager (ex: Honeybook, Dubsado)
  • Marketing (ex: Flodesk, Mailchimp)
  • Email (ex: Gmail, Hotmail)

4 reviews for 46 Email Templates: Wedding Photographer

  1. Codee Kamrowski

    I didn’t know my workflow was slacking until purchasing this! This was a huge eye opener on how much communication was necessary at all different stages in booking a wedding. Once I was able to get this set up in Honeybook, I have saved SO MUCH TIME! It has cut my emailing back and forth time in half giving me more time to work on images. This is a great tool that has paid itself back, so worth it!

  2. Taylor Rae Photography

    Amazing. These workflows will revolutionize the way you do emails! I can’t imagine how much time Kara put into carefully crafting each of the emails in the workflows. It was so simple for me to go in and make little tweaks to fit my business. It saved me so much time having the emails already drafted, and I know it will save me so much time with each client! It will also give each of my portrait clients and wedding couples the luxury experience they deserve, because each email is so intentional and full of the information they need, before they even know to ask for it! I would highly recommend these workflows to anyone who is looking to provide their clients with an amazing experience, and to anyone who is looking to manage their time wisely!

  3. Bywater

    I got my CRM 3 years ago (almost to the day), and I can honestly say that it was not until 4 months ago that I felt like it was working for me and not the other way around. Four months ago is when I signed on with Kara, and her wedding and engagement workflow has absolutely, without a doubt, alleviated those feelings of overwhelm. I can see where any wedding client is in our workflow at any time (this is crucial when you are interacting with clients for sometimes years at a time before ever taking out your camera), I have automated triggers that send out templated emails right on time, and all of the copy is true to me and my brand.

    Beyond being incredibly detail-oriented, a skilled communicator, and highly efficient… Kara is invested. She cares about you, your business, your success, and your experience. I highly recommend her, without reservation! Kara, I know I say this all the time but… thank you for everything.

  4. Glynnis

    I purchased these these email templates to help me take my workflows to the next level. After reviewing them, and adding just a touch of my own personal “voice” to them, for the first time I felt like my automations were working for me, instead of my feeling unprepared and making estimated guesses every time an inquiry came in. Almost two years later, I am still grateful for the tremendous help that these templates have been for my business.

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