Associate Photographer Contract


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Who’s It For

  • Every photographer who hires associate photographers in their business

What’s Included

  • Attorney drafted associate photographer contract
  • 10-Page editable Word document


  • Attorney: Adam Hubbard, Hubbard Law, LLC 
  • Example of inclusions included in the contract:
    • Service inclusions
    • Project schedule
    • Terms and compensation
    • Key provisions
    • Termination terms
    • Proprietary rights
    • General provisions
  • FREE contract updates – due to the everchanging nature of the photography industry, sometimes legal language needs to be adjusted.  You will be notified every time this contract is updated so you’ll always stay on top of your business game!

After Using it You’ll be Able to

  • Book with confidence, knowing you are covered by an attorney-drafted contract.
  • Save money and time. This contract will pay for itself within one session.

1 review for Associate Photographer Contract

  1. Codee Kamrowski

    I was skeptical about hiring an associate for my first wedding. I consulted with Kara about it and the logistics. She mentioned this contract and what it covered. Once I purchased it, it’s been a game changer. It covers everything I could possibly think of in terms of having someone else associate shoot weddings. It’s fantastic and easy to customize where needed. Highly recommend! I’m very happy with it.

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