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Why Photographers Need Brand Photography

branded photography, branding photographer


Kara Hubbard

Online presence is incredibly important for every small business owner (aka photographers =)). But, how do you communicate to your ideal client who you are and what you do in the .25 seconds you have while they scroll past your post, or when they come across your website? That’s where brand photography comes in. Not only is brand photography an opportunity for photographers to expand their services, but it’s a necessary part of building your personal photography business.

Branding photography, branded photo, branding photographer

Branding photography has grown in popularity and in necessity. It is so much more than professional headshots. Entrepreneurs need to build their brand in order to gain clients and earn money. And in order to build a brand, you need to have images that tell your story. Branding photos communicate your visual identity through the use of colors, props, tone, and style. 

If you’re trying to establish or build your photography business, trust me, get branded photos taken. Don’t quite have the funds to pay another photographer just yet? No worries! Have a tripod? Set a timer and take them yourself! (you are a photographer after all). That way, when a client sees your images, they have a general idea of what you do, who you are, and what kind of energy you're going to bring to their photo session.  

“But Kara, I take the photos, I’m not in them.” I know. I’m not a huge fan of being on the other side of the camera either, but having branded photos is crucial in order for you to build your business brand and gain new clients. Your quality of work is important too of course, but when clients are looking to hire a photographer to capture their family’s big moments or their big events, they want to know they can trust who they’re hiring. They want to know YOU, and they need to know who YOU are. The best way to do that is to show them!   


Branding photography, branded photo, branding photographer

Since these photos are all about you and what you do, have fun with them! You don’t have to be dressed in a suit and tie (unless that’s your style of course). Wear ripped jeans, a t-shirt, and a cute hat. Take them in your own home or in your favorite coffee shop. Include your kids, your dog, or your favorite desert. Take a few action shots with you with your camera. The possibilities are endless. As long as the end result is photos that tell your story to your potential clients. 

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