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Best Online Photo Gallery Delivery Websites for Photographers

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Kara Hubbard

So, your client’s session is complete and you’ve finished editing their photos. It’s time to send your client their photo gallery. Online client photo galleries are an essential part of a photographer’s workflow. Having a seamless gallery delivery is absolutely crucial to your client’s experience. If receiving and downloading their photos is a hassle, clients will get upset no matter how well their session went. You want your last impression to be just as positive as your first! So, here are 5 of my favorite online gallery delivery platforms for photographers: 

Pixieset is an extremely popular gallery delivery site amongst photographers. It features a stylish and customizable design, an opportunity to add and manage an online store, and a mobile friendly app. Pixieset is free to start. You’ll have 3BG of storage, which is about 1,000 photos. However, if you want to create a store with the free version, you’ll have to pay a 15% commission to Pixieset. From there, you can choose which upgrade package is right for your business.  According to the website, the most popular package is $24 billed annually with 1,000GB of storage. Once you upgrade to a subscription, you’ll have the ability to build your store (with no commission charge), your portfolio, your website, and your client gallery. 

Another major player in the photo gallery delivery game is ShootProof. Compared to Pixieset, ShootProof isn’t quite as user-friendly, but it does offer more customization and a few other cool features. One ShootProof feature that I love is the ability to create a custom playlist for your clients to listen to while they view their photos. How cute is that!? It costs an extra $10 a month, but it definitely adds a unique touch to your delivery. You can also archive your client galleries for a small fee and access them at any time. ShootProof offers a free 14-day trial, but after that you have to upgrade to a pricing plan. The most popular pricing plan with ShootProof is $30 per month (you can save if you choose to bill yearly).


Pass has been around for a while now, and they cater specifically to wedding photographers, or photographers who deal with a large number of photos. Pass makes it super easy for clients to share their favorite images to their social media platforms. One of the best things about Pass is that they’ve expanded their free options. You can get up to 20GB of storage with Pass for FREE.  Like Pixieset, if you have any purchases on your site, Pass charges a 15% commission with the free version. You can upgrade to their standard package for $17 per month, or their unlimited package for $34 a month. 

There are no free options with SmugMug, BUT they do offer their users a free 14-day trial so you can make sure their platform works for you. SmugMug has also been in operation for a while now, since 2002 to be exact. Every single one of their pricing plans comes with unlimited storage, which is a huge perk. SmugMug has a ton of gallery customization options, but more customization comes with a somewhat more complicated user interface. Their basic plan starts at $7 per month and it comes with a 

With Pic-time, you’re getting more than just a gallery site. Pic-time offers lightroom integrations and marketing tools that will help you organize a marketing campaign for your photography business. Pic-time is known for its easy-to-use interface for both you and your clients. Clients have the ability to choose their favorite photos and build their own albums. Pricing for Pic-time starts at $17 per month for 100GB of storage, or $34 per month for unlimited storage. 

Whichever gallery you choose, make sure it works for you and your business. Mostly, it comes down to storage and whether or not you want to have a store available for your clients to make product purchases. Definitely take advantage of the free trials, and if it’s not for you, or it doesn’t make your life easier, move on to the next one. There are so many options out there for you to choose from.

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