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How to Write An Instagram Bio for Photographers

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First impressions are everything!

Kara Hubbard

I’ve been seeing this issue A LOT lately, so I thought I’d address it. There are SO many talented photographers on Instagram who aren’t taking advantage of their profile bio! I know it may seem kind of straightforward, but it does take some strategy to make a good impression on a potential follower or client on Instagram. 

Here are 3 tips on how to write an Instagram bio for photographers:

Utilize your Instagram name

So, first things first. Make sure that your Instagram name (not your handle) clearly tells your viewers who you are and what you do. Include your name, or your business name, and a keyword that your potential clients would search for. Here is an Instagram bio example; on my profile, my name is “Kara, Photographer Coach.” That way, when a photographer is searching for a photography coach, my profile will be at the top of the list! 

As a photographer, you want to use your Instagram name to target the clients who will be searching for you. Think like a client. When they're searching through IG, they're going to search for their location + photographer, so for example "Denver Photographer." So, the best way to utilize your Instagram name would be, “name + location.” If you have a very specific niche, you can add that too, for example, "Denver Wedding Photographer" so, “name + location + niche.” 

If you're near popular destinations and photograph in those locations often, it would also be a good idea to include that in your IG name. So, if I lived near Rocky Mountain National Park and I wanted to target clients who would are searching for photo sessions there, I would make my IG name, "Kara + Rocky Mountain Photographer." 

Target your niche or ideal client

Use the body of your Instagram bio to highlight your skills and target your ideal clients. Basically, explain what you do in more detail and include major keywords. Who is your ideal client? What can you do for them? Where are you located?

 Under my Instagram name, the first thing viewers see is, “10 years advising photographers in their business.” It lets my potential clients know what I can do for them and how long I’ve been coaching, which adds to my credibility. 

How to write the perfect instagram bio

If you’re an elopement photographer, under your name you could add, “Denver, CO elopement and intimate wedding photographer.” Or, if you’re willing to travel, “travel elopement photographer ready for any adventure.” This tells your viewer EXACTLY what you do and who you’re willing to work with. If you're more of an emoji person, and you want to keep your bio short and sweet, instead of mentioning you're willing to travel for your clients, you could simply add an airplane emoji. It gets the point across without taking up the valuable 150 characters you're allowed for an Instagram bio. 

Provide an easy way 

to get in touch

How to write the perfect Instagram bio keywords photographers

So, your potential follower/client LOVES your work, now what? Your bio needs to include a professional way for your clients to get in touch with you. The idea of sliding into the DMs of someone you want to hire can be a turn off for some clients. 

With a business profile on Instagram, you can add your contact information and location (if you have a brick-and-mortar address) to your profile without taking up any valuable space! If you don’t have a business profile, be sure to add your email address or your website link with a contact page. 

Speaking of website links, although using a third party like linktree is convenient, DON'T be tempted. You should always link DIRECTLY to your website. It's one less step for your clients and it directs them right where you want them.

BONUS TIP: Even though you want your Instagram bio to be professional, you still want it to feel like you! Don’t be afraid to get creative and show your clients who they’re working with. Include a fun quote, quirky personal fact, or utilize emojis to space out your text.   

Because Instagram is a visual app, it’s an AMAZING tool for photographers to promote themselves and their businesses, however, converting viewers to clients takes a little bit of strategy.  So, there you have it some tips and tricks to writing your Instagram bio for photographers =)

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