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How to Find Blog Content for your Photography Business

Blog topic ideas for photographers

How to find blog article ideas for your business

Kara Hubbard

Whether you write your own blog articles, or if you outsource your blog writing to someone else (something TOGRAFY can help you with =)), coming up with consistent topics can be a challenge. BUT, finding valuable blog topics isn’t as hard as you may think. And sometimes, you just need to change your mindset. Instead of wondering, “what should I blog about this week,” ask yourself, “what do my clients need this week.” Because in the end, blogging is all about providing value for your clients. There are several places within your own business that will help you generate thoughtful blog topics. Here are my tips for coming up with blog article ideas:


Blog topic ideas for photographers

Take a look at your FAQs. Think about what questions your clients ask you the most. Could any of them be answered in detail with a blog article? For example, as a photographer, are your clients constantly asking you what they should wear to their photo session? If this is common question for you, lay it out for them in a blog article. Tell them what type of outfits, prints, and colors photograph well, and what type of outfits to avoid. 


If you need a refresher on how to find keywords for your business, check out my article, “How to Choose the Best SEO Keywords for your Photography Website.” Once you’ve done the research, and you have a list of go to keywords, you can use them to generate blog topics. Take your root keywords and plug them into Google, Pinterest, or a keyword tool like Ubersuggest and see what topics pop up. For example, if you focus on elopements, and you plug Colorado elopements into a search engine, several articles about elopement locations pop up. Writing an article for your clients about the best places to elope in your area would provide a lot of value! 

Social media

Last but not least, use your social media network. You’ve spent time building up a loyal following, so put them to work! Ask your followers what types of questions they have or what they’d like to learn more about. Post a poll, or give your followers a chance to ask you questions directly. If anything pops up that could be answered in detail, you’ve got yourself a potential blog topic. 
Blog topic ideas for photographers

Also, there’s no shame in doing some research within your niche on your social media accounts. What are other photographers talking/posting about? Use their topics and posts as inspiration. Customize the topic for your clients and their specific needs and turn it into a helpful blog article. 

Consistent blogging is SO crucial for photographers. I know I’ve talked about this a million times, but it’s so important! Blogging increases your SEO, allows you to connect with your customers, and gives you credibility in your niche. If you know you need to be blogging (and you’re stick of hearing about it from me =), but you don’t have the time, let’s chat. I have a copywriter on my team that can take blogging off of your hands.  Head to the shop, send me a message, or schedule your FREE consultation call below. 


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