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 social media scheduling- tailwind

There are a lot of social media scheduling tools out there. I have had the most exposure and experience with Later however I recently switched to Tailwind and honestly I will not be going back. Tailwind is very user friendly and better for your photography business. You can schedule posts for months in advance on IG, Facebook, AND Pinterest, plus access libraries of stock photos for free! 

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 project management - trello

Trello is an organizational project management tool that assists you in keeping track of your jobs and tasks via different boards/topics. It is absolutely key in keeping my business running and organized. Now I don't have a bunch of paper and sticky notes pasted around our office! Everything is in one spot, categorized by topic, so with one quick glance I can see all of my projects. Best thing is - you can link it to Zapier and Honeybook! Yep! So that means all of your tools can work automatically together behind the scenes without you lifting a finger - definitely a win win win!  

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 process automation - zapier 

You know I am all about workflows and automation! Zapier is exactly the tool that makes ALL of that happen. It connects (most) ANY tool or web application that you use and allows you to automate tasks so that they work together. For example: You can schedule a client inquiry that comes into Honeybook to be automatically put onto a Trello tab (now all your new client inquiries are on an easy to see list!).  Seriously a game-changer when it comes to AUTOMATING your business, running it more efficiently, and getting back on your photographer hustle!

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