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Paige, Paige Forden Photography

"As a photographer with a business degree and background in finance, I had high expectations heading into my relationship with Kara. It turned out to be one of the best investments in my business to date.

Kara is incredibly bright, honest, approachable and straightforward. Her experience in the industry brings breadth and depth to her coaching, and she’s generally a lovely person to work with! She recognized gaps in my business, helped to enhance my client experience in novel ways, reach my ideal client and streamline my processes. I am working with dream clients and my business is balanced, profitable and efficient. Highly recommend Kara!"


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Rachel Elle Photography, Minnesota luxury wedding photographer, photographer business help, business coaching, testimonial,

Rachel, Rachel Elle Photography

"I highly recommend hiring Kara for your business needs. Her insight and knowledge about the field is extraordinary. She helped me organize my business in multiple ways and work in smarter ways as well. If you're in the photography business you need to hire her!!"


Taylor, Taylor Rae Photography

"I hired Kara in 2021 to help me streamline and manage my business. With a one year old at home, I realized I couldn't do everything and I needed help! Kara's help with Honeybook has been invaluable to me. Most recently, I used her mini-session templates and style guide for my Christmas mini sessions. It was my fourth year doing mini sessions, and all my repeat clients LOVED the addition of the style guide. With the Honeybook templates, I was able to be so much more organized, even as I booked more sessions than ever. She helped me automate the workflow so that I didn't have to remember to send out every email. I also loved the wedding email templates she put together for me. With the automation, my brides receive a much more hands-on experience leading up to their wedding, with emails going out that remind them of important dates, asking if they need help with anything, and offering guides and products. Not only has Kara's system helped take a lot off my plate, it's given my clients a more luxury experience at the same time! I highly recommend Kara's templates and her services if you're looking to streamline your business and give your clients a more hands-on, luxury experience."


Taylor Rae Photography, Luxury South Carolina Wedding Photographer, Testimonial, photographer business coaching, business help, photography resources, business courses, photography templates and services
Emmiclaire Photography, Luxury Virginia Wedding Photographer, Testimonial, photographer business coaching, business help, pricing and email templates, free resources, photographer courses

Emily, Emmiclaire Photography

"I highly recommend hiring Kara for your business needs. Her insight and knowledge about the field is extraordinary. She helped me organize my business in multiple ways and work in smarter ways as well. If you're in the photography business you need to hire her!!"


Debbie, Debbie Andersen Photography

"Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in talking with you and answering my questions. Thank you for listening to me. I have worked with other coaches/mentors in the past and always felt like they would only talk to me or support me if I was paying them. I never got that vibe from you and genuinely felt like you cared about helping me be successful. That was a breath of fresh air and I appreciate it! In just our one talk, you really listened and helped me put focus on the basics of my purpose and goals for my photography business. I’m so excited to get started with learning more about the mini session workflow to help me be efficient but at the same time still find enjoyment in what makes me happy when I take photos!"


Debbie Andersen Photography, Castle Rock Portrait Photographer, Testimonial, business coaching for photographers, free business resources, business help, free downloads, mini session help, mini session course,
Cheyenne Alford, Bywater Collective, Englewood, Florida, Testimonial, Business coaching for photographers, free business help for photographers, business courses, business coach, how to make more money

Cheyenne, Bywater Collective
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"Every business owner wants to increase their income, right? I started implementing Kara’s strategies in the Fall of 2020, and as of this spring I’ve already had 10k more in sales than I did in 2020. Working with Kara has given me the confidence to take on more clients without feeling overwhelmed. The processes and procedures that she put in place set me up for the new year, and that first quarter was the biggest quarter yet! The revenue increase was definitely worth investing in a business coach."


Meredith, Meredith McCann Photography
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"If you’re a photographer and you’re interested in doing this for a living long-term, I would highly recommend hiring a business coach. The trick is hiring a coach that not only knows business, but knows your trade. That’s why I’m so grateful for Kara Hubbard and TOGRAFY. Her photography experience made me feel good about making the commitment because it was clear to me that she knew her stuff. My revenue has increased 350% in the first month since hiring Kara and implementing her changes. I would 100% hire Kara again, and I plan to reconnect with her through my journey to maintain a successful business."    


Meredith McCann Photography, Luxury Birth and Motherhood Photographer, Austin, Texas, Testimonial, business coaching, free business resources, business help, mini session, how to make more money in photography, free downloads
Taylor Kelley Photography, Luxury Milwaukee Wedding Photographer, Testimonial, free business resources for photographers, business help, pricing and marketing for photographers, email template help, workflows

Taylor,  Taylor Kelley Photography
Read Full Client Experience Here 

"Hiring Kara and the TOGRAFY team to help me streamline and grow my business was a game changer. It was so reassuring working with someone who has been there and knows the ins and outs of the photography world. I didn’t have to explain anything to her, she just knew! I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


Moorea, Moorea Thill Photography
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"The biggest thing that Kara helped me to accomplish was establishing myself within the Austin photography market. When I first moved, I felt a bit lost. I had lived in Maui for so long that networking came naturally to me, but Austin was an entirely different story. I didn’t know anyone! With Kara’s help and customized strategies, I was able to redefine myself as an Austin photographer. With Kara’s networking strategy, I hit the ground running in Austin. I made friends with other local photographers, and I made myself available as a second shooter, which really helped me to break into the Austin wedding photography scene. From there, Kara and I were able to determine a clear path for my photography business going forward. I knew I wanted to exit the large wedding scene and pivot to maternity photo sessions and elopements, so Kara helped me establish a clear a timeline and gave me actionable steps to make it happen. Now, I have a really clear idea of where I stand in the Austin photography market.  The other HUGE benefit of hiring Kara was her mini-session expertise. I had no idea that mini-sessions could be so profitable before I started working with her, and she completely opened my eyes to how low I was pricing myself. Not only did she rework my pricing, but her mini-session workflow implementation in HoneyBook was also extremely beneficial for me. Now, when I want to run a mini-session, I don’t have to spend weeks planning and building, everything is there and ready to go! Automation is key, and Kara’s mini-session workflows are pure gold."


Moorea Thill Photography, Austin, Texas, Testimonial, Tografy, Mini session help, workflows and email templates, photographer business help, coaching, business courses, photographer moving locations help
Felicia Williams Photography, Luxury Newborn Photographer, Longmont, Colorado, Testimonial, Tografy, Email templates and workflows, Honeybook help, implementation, pricing help for photographers, business growth for photographers

Felicia, Felicia Williams Photography 

"If you're looking to grow your photography business, hire Kara. Simply put, she is AMAZING. Before Kara, I was at a place with my business where I wanted to grow, but I was getting nowhere with my own strategies. Kara has been an invaluable resource for the direction of my photography. She saw the big picture and had a clear path to getting me where I wanted to be. She helped me define my brand and bring clarity to my vision. She implemented email workflows that increased client retention and relations and cut down on my time spent managing the back end of my business! Kara pushed me outside of my comfort zone, knowing my capabilities better than I did. After hiring Kara, my business saw a 650% growth in the FIRST YEAR! She brings the unique combination of being a photographer AND business manager, and completely understands the industry. She’s so easy to work with, extremely organized, detail oriented, and just overall incredible at what she does. Take the leap and hire Kara, you will not be disappointed!"


Hannah, Hannah T. Photography

"Working with Kara was something I never realized I needed but she changed my business for the better once I met her! From the first time I talked to her, she was so supportive, sweet, and helpful. She is always there for questions and goes beyond what you hire her for. I did the pricing audit with Kara - she laid out everything clearly and made it so easy to understand. Months later, I’ve see huge changes in booking my ideal clients over and over, growing in my profit for this year and next year, and the way I view my business finances with real, justified numbers. She is amazing!!"


Hannah T Photography, Luxury Tampa Wedding Photographer, Testimonial, Tografy, pricing help for photographers, new photographer business help, free guide download, free resources, business finances, Honeybook help
Allison Rumble Photography, Luxury Senior Photographer, Syracuse, New York, Testimonial, Tografy, business help for photographers, business coaching, free resources, free downloads, email templates, honeybook help, flodesk help for photographers

Allison, Allison Rumble Photography 

"I have had a professional relationship with Kara over the past nine years. Every opportunity I have worked with Kara has been a wonderful experience. Kara has coordinated numerous projects and each project has been well organized, thorough and well planned. Her ability to effectively communicate kept our work running smoothly and efficiently. The attention Kara pays to every detail is amazing. She brings strategies and vision to life. I enjoy working with Kara immensely and hope to continue to work on future projects together."

Anneke, Anneke Valles Photography

"If you want to grow your business without putting in tons more hours, hire Kara! She helped me grow my photography business from a hope-filled idea into exactly what I wanted it to be--a successful side hustle. She's a visionary! Not only is she a talented photographer, knowledgeable marketer, and experienced business woman, she is also a pleasure to work with. She's an organized and reliable professional. Contact her today and watch your photography business and bank account blow up! A million thanks to Kara for helping to make my dreams come true."

Anneke Valles Photography, Portrait Photographer, Los Angeles, California, Testimonial, Tografy, Honeybook help, Flodesk help, email templates, free business coaching for photographers, business help

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