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The Mini Like a Pro Course 


what you'll learn...

How to transform your mini session booking process.

Knowing how to book your sessions efficiently with short session times, and back-t0-back without buffer zones will immediately increase your profits by 25%!  I will teach you how to book your sessions confidently!

How to charge higher prices with less work.

Having the tools to price your work and sessions accordingly will immediately take the guesswork out of what to include in your packaging and how to price it appropriately.  I will give you the keys to unlocking easy pricing!

How to sell out before your sessions go public.

Why waste time and money on marketing ads? Why spend time marketing to your social media account?  Let me give you the tools that you need to sell out your sessions so you can profit even more!  

How to save over three hours of client management per client.

Time is money and spending extra time during a session or with client management means that your profit per hour decreases.  Let me teach you the (proven) strategies of efficient client and session management! 

How to make more money, without selling your clients on an up-sell.

I don't know about you, but I hate being nickel and dimed for things, and professional photography is no different.  I would love to show you an incredible profit calculator, full of numbers, that will blow your mind and show you how your time, money, and profit actually work together for YOU!

student testimonials...

Rachel Elle Photography, Mini Session Course Testimonial, Review, Tografy, Photographer


Rachel Elle Photography

"Mini Like a Pro is a GAME-CHANGER if you are considering adding mini sessions to your business! I've always been a little scared to try mini sessions because I had never done them before and wasn't sure if they would add much to my bottom line. Kara's program is super easy to follow but jam-packed with information. My favorite module was the Profit Calculator, where she helps you understand how to price for profit while staying competitive in your niche. She also explains exactly how to run the mini sessions - including what emails to send clients, how to prep them before the session, and how to keep things moving the day of. Plus, she gets through the material quickly which is great when you're trying to run a business and don't have time to spend hours and hours watching a course! Highly recommend this course, especially if you're a busy business owner who wants to diversify!"

Meredith McCann Photography, Mini Session Course Reviews, Testimonials, Austin Photographer, Tografy,


Meredith McCann Photography

"The Mini Like a Pro course changed my mind from wanting to NEVER put on minis to wanting to do them every season. Providing these minis for my client base and future clients with Kara's workflow was a big success for me this past year. I went from booking 1 or 2 minis, to selling out. Her methods of marketing make sense, are applicable to any photographer in any niche, and provided clear and fast results. Even in a saturated market, I was able to stand out and fully book and rebook my mini sessions. I would highly recommend any photographer investing in this course!"

Felicia Williams Photography Mini Session Course Testimonial and Review, Tografy


Felicia Williams Photography

"Kara's method for running mini sessions will take out all of the guesswork, and put you in total control of your mini sessions. From initial planning to gallery delivery, no detail is left out. After implementing Kara's methods, my mini sessions went from chaos with only a few usable images, to a well oiled machine that has allowed me to book, shoot, and deliver hundreds of client galleries over the past few years. Not only is it great for business, but my clients love them as well! They are quick and energetic, and allow me to deliver a sizable and diverse gallery that keeps clients returning year after year. Whether this is your first time running mini sessions, or are looking to take yours to the next level, this course is exactly what you need!"

Debbie Holmes Photography Mini Session Course Review and Testimonial, Tografy


Debbie Holmes Photography

"I am so pleased with the Mini Session Course. It has helped me organize my thoughts and goals for my mini sessions. Kara does an excellent job of walking you through planning, pricing and many helpful tips to make a successful mini session. She answered so many of my questions and is an amazing supporter! I’m excited to implement everything I’ve learned from the course and can’t wait to experience productive and successful mini photo sessions!"

Moorea Thill Photography Mini Session Course Testimonial, Review, Tografy


Moorea Thill Photography

"I am so thrilled to report that I launched my first set of mini sessions to my clients NOT EVEN 12 hours ago, and I have 1 mini session spot BOOKED with a paid retainer and singed contract AND multiple past clients sharing my work + mini session information with their inner circle! So far working with Kara has been the best investment I have made in 2020💗."

but don't just take it from my students...
listen to their clients!

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