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Bywater Collective

"When I first signed up with my CRM I thought that was it. Things were going to be easy now, right? Just plug and play. Land those leads, respond to those inquires, send those contracts, book those sessions. Any photographer reading this knows exactly what I mean. If you’re like me you honestly believed getting a CRM was going to streamline your life and business. Is it helpful? ABSOLUTELY. It is a cure-all? Not by a long shot. CRMs require a lot of work in order to take advantage of the features they offer. In my case, I joined my (amazing) CRM when it was still in Beta. As the features rolled out I would get SO excited and dream of the ways the new bells and whistles were going to help me get my life back. I was soon feeling overwhelmed by the features that were meant to take that feeling away. Templates. Guides. Scheduling. Email automation. Invoicing. Pipelines. WORKFLOWS. It became too much and I was paying hundred of dollars a year to use only the most basic features of my CRM - and still feeling overwhelmed. Enter: Kara with Tografy. I got my CRM 3 years ago (almost to the day), and I can honestly say that it was not until 4 months ago that I felt like it was working for me and not the other way around. Four months ago is when I signed on with Kara, and her wedding and engagement workflow has absolutely, without a doubt, alleviated those feelings of overwhelm. I can see where any wedding client is in our workflow at any time (this is crucial when you are interacting with clients for sometimes years at a time before ever taking out your camera), I have automated triggers that send out templated emails right on time, and all of the copy is true to me and my brand. Beyond being incredibly detail-oriented, a skilled communicator, and highly efficient… Kara is invested. She cares about you, your business, your success, and your experience. I highly recommend her, without reservation! Kara, I know I say this all the time but… thank you for everything."


Moorea Thill Photography

"I am so thrilled to report that I launched my first set of mini sessions to my clients NOT EVEN 12 hours ago, and I have 1 mini session spot BOOKED with a paid retainer and singed contract AND multiple past clients sharing my work + mini session information with their inner circle! So far working with Kara has been the best investment I have made in 2020💗."


Paige Forden Photography

"I'm a visual artist and film photographer of Motherhood. I pride myself on offering a luxurious, seamless and high-touch experience that is completely unique to portrait photography. My goal is to work alongside Kara to really broaden my reach in the high end market to connect with my ideal client and retain her for years to come. Kara is incredibly bright and engaging -- our personalities seem to compliment one another so well!"⁣


Debbie Holmes Photography

"I am so pleased with the Mini Session Course. It has helped me organize my thoughts and goals for my mini sessions. Kara does an excellent job of walking you through planning, pricing and many helpful tips to make a successful mini session. She answered so many of my questions and is an amazing supporter! I’m excited to implement everything I’ve learned from the course and can’t wait to experience productive and successful mini photo sessions!"


Hannah T Photography

"Kara has provided so much value and growth to my business so far and I can't wait to continue to work with her! She knows the perspective of a coach and a photographer and is so helpful in every step. I'm looking forward to making some great changes in my business with her guidance and help!"


Felicia Williams Photography

"Kara's method for running mini sessions will take out all of the guesswork, and put you in total control of your mini sessions. From initial planning to gallery delivery, no detail is left out. After implementing Kara's methods, my mini sessions went from chaos with only a few usable images, to a well oiled machine that has allowed me to book, shoot, and deliver hundreds of client galleries over the past few years. Not only is it great for business, but my clients love them as well! They are quick and energetic, and allow me to deliver a sizable and diverse gallery that keeps clients returning year after year. Whether this is your first time running mini sessions, or are looking to take yours to the next level, this course is exactly what you need!"

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