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Why You Should Hire a Coach for Your Photography Business

Moorea Thill Photography

Hey! I'm Moorea and I'm a destination photographer and educator based in Austin, TX. If there’s one piece of advice that I would give to aspiring photographers, it would be to hire a business coach. And don’t hire just any Instagram business coach, hire someone who is familiar with the world of photography. This past year, after I moved to Austin, I connected with Kara Hubbard, who is the owner of TOGRAFY, and I am so incredibly grateful. Relocating your business is not easy, and Kara was a lifesaver.

Moorea Thill Photography

The biggest thing that Kara helped me to accomplish was establishing myself within the Austin photography market. When I first moved, I felt a bit lost. I had lived in Maui for so long that networking came naturally to me, but Austin was an entirely different story. I didn’t know anyone! With Kara’s help and customized strategies, I was able to redefine myself as an Austin photographer. 

With Kara’s networking strategy, I hit the ground running in Austin. I made friends with other local photographers, and I made myself available as a second shooter, which really helped me to break into the Austin wedding photography scene. From there, Kara and I were able to determine a clear path for my photography business going forward. I knew I wanted to exit the large wedding scene and pivot to maternity photo sessions and elopements, so Kara helped me establish a clear a timeline and gave me actionable steps to make it happen. Now, I have a really clear idea of where I stand in the Austin photography market. 

The other HUGE benefit of hiring Kara was her mini-session expertise. I had no idea that mini-sessions could be so profitable before I started working with her, and she completely opened my eyes to how low I was pricing myself. Not only did she rework my pricing, but her mini-session workflow implementation in HoneyBook was also extremely beneficial for me. Now, when I want to run a mini-session, I don’t have to spend weeks planning and building, everything is there and ready to go! Automation is key, and Kara’s mini-session workflows are pure gold.  

Moorea Thill Photography

Last but not least, since hiring Kara my confidence and my ability to set boundaries with my clients has increased. Starting out in a new market during COVID was not easy. It was hard to set boundaries with clients when it came to them canceling their sessions. Kara’s client management advice was super helpful. She helped me navigate the legal side of my business, and she revamped my contracts so everything is crystal clear to my clients. There are photography contracts out there you can download but they just weren’t specific enough. 

In the end, hiring Kara as a business coach was one of the best decisions I have made for my photography business, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you want to be a full-time photographer, or if you’re trying to reestablish yourself in a new market, I would highly recommend going with TOGRAFY. Kara is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and she really knows her stuff! 

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