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Why Every Photographer Needs a Business Coach

Taylor Kelley Photography

I'm Taylor, and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer from Milwaukee, WI! If you’re a new photographer, or an established photographer looking to book more clients, I’d highly recommend hiring a photography business coach! My entire business perspective has changed after working with Kara Hubbard from TOGRAFY, and I couldn’t be happier with the guidance Kara has provided. She has taught me how to be 100% more effective within my business. Sometimes, as a business owner, you’re so absorbed into your business that it’s hard to step back and see everything from a new perspective. 

Kara’s extensive background in photography and her outgoing personality made her so easy to work with. It was more like talking to a friend than a coach, but a friend that really knows her stuff!

Taylor Kelley Photography

One of the biggest changes to my business since working with Kara has been my willingness to outsource. As a photographer and a small business owner, you think you need to be the one to do it all, but that’s not the case! Learning that it’s okay to outsource was huge for me. I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean that I’m not in control, it’s more about just admitting that I’m only human, and I can’t do everything. 

Kara helped me realize there are people out there who are willing to do the things that I don’t want to do. For example, knowing that I have someone to write my blogs is really nice because they actually get done, and I don’t have to do them! Now, I have more time to focus on growing my business, to nurture my client relationships, and to just do things that I enjoy!

The other change within my business was actually more personal. Kara helped me understand that I have so much more to offer my clients when it comes to education. I have so much knowledge to give! So, I’ve been trying to implement different ways to educate my clients through my content. If you’re a photographer, odds are you know more about photography than your average client, so don’t be scared to use and share that knowledge! 

Taylor Kelley Photography

Hiring Kara and the TOGRAFY team to help me streamline and grow my business was a game changer. It was so reassuring working with someone who has been there and knows the ins and outs of the photography world. I didn’t have to explain anything to her, she just knew! I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

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