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How to Make Money Selling Your Photos Online

money, wallet, how to make money selling photos online

What do photographers have a lot of? Photos! 

What could we (well, most of us) use a little more of? Money! 

Kara Hubbard

Whether you need extra cash to pay the bills, or to purchase that new lens for your camera, selling your photos online is a great way to make money as a photographer. Financial anxiety can set in during the winter months. Hopefully, this article can help ease a little of that stress. Here are a few ways you can make money selling your photos online: 

Stock photo sites 

Professional looking stock photos are always in demand. These days, having an attractive online presence is crucial for businesses if they want to survive. Although it takes some time to build up a portfolio, once you have the images, there is little maintenance on your part (which is ideal). As long as you can produce high-quality photos, they will likely be accepted by most platforms.
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 Some of the most popular stock photography platforms to sell your images on are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, and iStock Photo by Getty Images. And yes, you can upload the same image to multiple platforms! In order to be successful, build a portfolio of images that easily sell online, such as nature images, people, people working, tech, food, and travel.  

Fine art prints  

computer, work, photography, how to make money selling photos online

If you dabble in fine art photography, then selling your prints online would be a great money-making opportunity for you. You could easily offer prints through your personal website. Set up a separate page with an online store featuring your best fine art prints. If that sounds daunting, set up a contact form so clients can reach out to you if they’re interested in prints. Either way, make it clear that your fine art photos are for sale.  


Etsy is another fantastic option for making money online as a photographer, and it can boost your exposure! If selling on Etsy sounds good to you, there are several ways to make your photos available to customers. You can offer physical framed prints (which would require a reliable high-quality printing location), or digital prints. 

online work, how to sell photos online

 Offering digital prints is probably the fastest and most cost-effective way to make money selling your photos on Etsy. Upon purchasing your photos, customers would immediately receive a download link to do with what they please. With digital prints, just be clear on copyright rules. Most photographers don’t allow commercial use unless they will be credited. 

Prints to past clients   

 Let’s face it, sometimes sharing your wedding photos on social media takes precedence over actually framing them and hanging them in your home. Some clients may take FOREVER to actually print out their favorites, so, what better way to nudge them then to offer a sale on prints through your print store! Send out a well-crafted email to your past clients (especially if they got married within the last year) and let them know you’re offering high-quality prints that would look spectacular on their walls. Prints also make great gifts!


woman writing, how to sell photos online

 Selling your photos online can be a profitable option for photographers who need a little extra cash. Who knows, if things take off, it may be a new source of solid income! If things don’t work out how you hoped, which happens, don’t be discouraged. Change course and try something else. If you’re dedicated enough, there is always a solution. Want other ideas on how to make money during your slow season? Check out my other articles, “How to Generate Income During Your Slow Season” and “How to Generate Income During Your Slow Season Part 2” Holiday edition! 


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