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Closing the Sale: Selling Prints and Products to Your Photography Clients

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don't wait until gallery delievery to mention your products! 

Kara Hubbard

We’ve all been there. Your client’s photo gallery has been delivered, and THEN you mention all of your fabulous print and product options. But, once they have their photos on hand, it’s likely they’ll get swept up in the excitement and forget all about actually printing physical photos. As a passionate photographer, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the process once your clients book a session with you and forget to mention your other products.

Here is my advice on how to close the sale when it comes to prints and products as a photographer: 

Plant the seed early 

Don’t wait until you deliver your client’s gallery to talk about the print options and products that you offer. No one likes to have something sprung on them at the last minute, and it may come off as a little salesy. Start talking about your products right away. Bring it up in your conversations and interactions from the very beginning, that way, it will be on their mind throughout the process. 

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Keep mentioning their options 

During your time together, whether that’s in person or through email/phone calls, bring up possible print and product options once their photos have been delivered. I know, it sounds like I’m telling you to be super annoying, BUT it can be done in a casual and conversational way. Ask questions about home décor and plant ideas in their heads. Talk to them about how amazing their photos would look on a gallery wall. Keep it light and conversational. That way, when they’re looking around their home, ideas you’ve planted might inspire them to take action! 

Invest in the relationship

The best part about being a photographer is the opportunity to build relationships with your clients. You get to be a part of their biggest moments, so forming a bond with them is inevitable. Although this is a personal perk, it can be a professional one as well. The more you know about your clients and their family, the more you will be able to use that information when discussing prints and products. Do they have kids? Talk about how your photo books make a great gift for grandparents. Did they just buy a new home? Ask about their design plans and mention personalizing their home with photos. It’s as simple as that! 

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Close the sale 

Now it’s time to close the sale. If you’ve properly invested the time and energy throughout the entire journey, when the final meeting arrives your client won’t be surprised or unknowledgeable when you mention your prints and products. They’ve heard it before, so they’ve already been thinking about their options. Create a visual for your clients, whether it’s that gallery wall showcasing their children's personalities, or an heirloom album for them to giggle with their grandchildren over one day. Use the information you’ve learned along the way to close the sale.  

Selling can be intimidating, and no one wants to sound too pushy or salesy with their clients. When it comes to closing the sale, subtlety, consistency, and conversation is key!

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