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5 Marketing Mistakes That are Killing Your Business

Marketing tips for photographers

5 Marketing mistakes photographers should avoid  

Kara Hubbard

Marketing your photography business is essential for your growth and success. I know, marketing can be a bit tedious and time consuming, but your business can’t thrive without it. Marketing your skills doesn’t have to be a daunting task. All you need is a solid marketing plan for your unique business and client base. Once you have a plan, you can automate a lot of your marketing! Still building your marketing plan? Here are 5 marketing mistakes to avoid that could kill your business:  

you aren't doing it

Marketing tips for photographers

This one seems obvious, but I see it all the time! In a perfect world, you would have a constant stream of ideal clients booking photo sessions. But, alas, the world doesn’t work that way. In order to book clients, people need to hear from you! They need to see you. So, if you’re not communicating with your following (a.k.a. potential clients) through your email list or through social media, that’s a problem! If people don’t see that you’re active online, or they don’t hear from you in a while, they’ll think you’ve closed up shop and move on to the next photographer, so be visible!

YOu aren't speaking to your ideal client 

So maybe you are active on social media and you’re constantly sending out emails, but when it comes to bookings, you’re hearing crickets. Sit down and take a look at the content you’re pushing out. Are you speaking directly to your ideal client? If your message is too broad, your ideal clients won’t be able to relate. They won’t have that “this person gets me” moment and decide to book with you. So, ask yourself, who is my ideal client and what would they want to hear from me? Pretend a potential ideal client is sitting across from you, how would you talk to them, what would you say? Adjust your content accordingly and start posting! 

you aren't being authentic

The best way to stand out in the crowd is to just be you! You are what makes your business unique, so use it. You want your audience to feel you and understand you, so make sure your content communicates who you are. The more you can convey your unique and amazing personality through your content, the more people will relate and connect with you! And of course, the more connections you make, the more bookings you’ll have on your schedule. 
Marketing tips for photographers

You're unwilling to adapt

Let’s face it, social media guidelines and algorithms change faster than most of us can keep up with. But you have to be willing to adapt to change. Being stubborn about what and when you post despite recent updates isn’t going to get you more clients. If I’m being honest, I HATED the idea of posting videos or reels on Instagram at first, but, if that’s what it takes to communicate my message to my community, I’m willing to adapt to the change, and you can too! ( I promise, once you jump in and do it, it’s not that bad)

You don't invest in resources

Marketing tips for photographers

There are SO many marketing resources and experts out there who are more than willing to help you and your business succeed. Take advantage of them! A lot of entrepreneurs have the “I can do it all” mentality, and I get it, but the fact is that you don’t HAVE to do it all by yourself. I promise, you’ll never regret investing in yourself and your business. The more you learn about being a business owner the better! No one can take your knowledge away from you. 

Instagram can be frustrating and overwhelming to master, but don’t stress, no one REALLY knows what they’re doing 100%. We are all at the mercy of the dreaded algorithm. Don’t panic if your follower count ebbs and flows, that’s totally normal, and it doesn’t mean you are any less valuable. 

If you feel stuck and you need help building a marketing plan or building an exceptional client experience, let’s chat! Help me help you! I truly love what I do, and I want to see all of my clients succeed. Ready to jump in? Click below to schedule your free strategy call! 


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